Hygiene is the most important factor in picking your piercing studio.

Our Spruce Grove piercing salon not only meets Alberta Health Services standards, we have our COVID-19 Designation as well.

Strut staff take your health very seriously. We are a clean, hygienic piercing salon treating our tools with a hospital grade disinfectant.

Looking to get another piercing? Or even your first piercing?! Congratulations that is an exciting and exhilarating adventure, but now how do you choose what shop to get it done at?  We will outline some things to consider when choosing a trusted place to get your piercing done, as well as what to consider when choosing the location in your body.

One of the very most important aspects of a piercing shop is cleanliness and safety.  It is important that the studio adheres without waiver, to all provincial, federal and industry standards.  At the shop at strut we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding AHS standards and recommendations when it comes to cleanliness and the piercing shop. A sterile environment as well as sterile equipment is of utmost importance when choosing a studio.  A piercing studio should have a dedicated sterilization room with a double stainless steel sink and autoclave.  At the Shop at Strut we had a lot of fun getting creative with our limited space to create a separate piercing sterilization room.  It was a lot of work but it came out perfect and we are so pleased to be able to provide our clients with this exciting service.  Another fun part to the big project of adding piercing to our business was adding in the world’s smallest Porcelain sink to the piercing room, with any body modification service hand washing is at the top of the list for a safe experience.  Luckily we have worked with some amazing plumbers and they helped this dream come to fruition.

The next important thing to consider is your piercer, it should be someone who is well trained and confident in their abilities in piercing. On top of that, it should be someone who makes you feel comfortable and at ease before, during and after your visit.

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Booking your Piercing!

Our body piercer Jonna has had a long time interest in body modification and proudly remembers being the first kid in her small town junior high with a nose ring- a not so uncommon adornment these days.  Her extensive experience in the beauty and customer service industry makes her an ideal type of person to give you your piercing and make you feel more than comfortable.  She is happy to explain the entire process, walk you through the steps and aftercare and reassure you as well as answer any and all of your body piercing questions.  On top of all this she pays very close attention to detail and is 100% committed to giving you the piercing you will love in the safest and least painful way possible.


Another important aspect of piercing is the jewellery you are pierced with as well as what you wear after healing is complete. 

Insufficient jewellery quality can have negative affects on healing and contribute to irritation, infection, improper healing and scarring.  All jewellery that is used for a new piercing should be sterilized and packaged, only being opened immediately prior to the piercing.

We at the Shop At Strut, pride ourselves on jewellery quality.  We stock only implant grade surgical steel and titanium  jewellery to pierce with.  Each traditional biopsy needle method piercing comes with standard surgical steel jewellery, however we do have sterilized upgrades on hand if you want to start off with something a little more flashy.  These include Swarovski crystal, opal and cubic zirconia tops, as well as some titanium pieces.

So you want a new piercing but you can’t decide where exactly on your body you would like it.  All new piercings are a  lot of fun and so exciting, but here are some factors to consider before deciding for sure if and where you will get your piercing: Lifestyle, how will after care and location of the new jewellery fit into your lifestyle?  Is it a location on your body you can commit to not touching during the healing process except for when cleaning?  Can you leave your piercing jewellery in and be consistent with aftercare for the duration of the healing process? Is it in a location that will be comfortable while sleeping and going about your daily routine?

At Strut we are meticulous about our job so that you leave with a healthy happy piercing already in the healing process, we will answer any of your questions and go through everything carefully so you are confident in taking care of your new piercing.

Yet another important aspect of your piercing experience is aftercare, it is ideal for your piercing studio to send you home with clear after care instructions and have aftercare on hand to sell if you would rather not make your own solution.

At The Shop At Strut we will go through all aftercare instructions with you thoroughly.  We know just how important it is that you keep up consistent after care at home for the duration of the healing process.  Like we said above, we have done our job to give you a safe and clean piercing, now the after care is your responsibility to make sure your piercing stays healthy and beautiful!

We hope this guide gives you an idea of what to look for in a studio, and if you’re in Spruce Grove we think you would love you piercing experience with us in our clean and welcoming shop. We are always available to answer any questions and check out previous piercings you have that you wonder if everything is sitting right.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon!

We are so Thrilled to help you with your piercing and body modification. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Talk to you soon!

Jonna Borchman

(Owner/ Hair Stylist/ Make Up Artist/ Piercer)



Jane L.

She was very friendly, professional and let me charge my phone as it was about to die. Offered me water and made sure I was comfortable. She walked me through the process before she did my nose piercing, explained different gauges and how to clean it. She sent me home with written instructions on how to keep it clean.


Sami C.

Jonna is amazing! I absolutely love this salon. Before finding this gem I had tried several others….nothing compares.

Sue M.

Love this place and the ladies who work here. Amazing!!

Shantelle B.

Jonna was amazing!! She did a piercing for me. She was knowledgeable and friendly!

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