Body Piercing at Strut Hair & Art

Body Piercing at Strut Hair & Art

Strut Hair and Art is proud to announce that we have added piercings services!

Our owner Jonna has had a long-time interest in body modification and we decided to take the plunge! We are excited to share that several staff members have completed training in the art of body piercing. Strut has worked hard to install a new sterilization room in our Spruce Grove Salon. It not only meets but exceeds Alberta Health Standards

Full Body Piercing Available! Traditional Biopsy Needle Method Piercings!

Ear Piercing

Spruce Grove Ear Piercing Pricing:

Lobe / Standard Cartilage $50

Lobe set $80

3 or more on Lobe or standard Cartilage $40 each.

Vertical Lobe $65

Cartilage / Helix $65

Forward Helix $65

Shen Men $65

Tragus $75

Rook $75

Anti-Tragus / Snug / Conch $75

Daith $80

Industrial $90

Oral Piercing

Spruce Grove Mouth Piercings:

Lip / Labret / Monroe $80

Frenulum $80

Vertical Lip $85

Horizontal Lip $85

Medusa $80

Snake bites / Spider bites $150

Tongue Web / Smiley / Frowny $100

Tongue $100

Venom $180

Cheek (dimple) $100 Set $180

Body piercing

8Spruce Grove Body Piercing:

Navel $80

Nipple $90 

Nipple Set $160

Surface $110

Genital $120

Dermal $125


Facial Piercing

Spruce Grove Facial Piercings:

Eyebrow $80

Anti-eyebrow $90

Horizontal Eyebrow $90

Nose $80

Bridge $90

Septum $95

Includes standard 316 L surgical grade stainless steel jewellery. Upgrades can be made, depending on availability, for an additional charge.

We require Alberta Photo ID of individual being pierced over the age of 18, and a parent or guardian with photo ID to accompany anyone under the age of 18.


We offer great hair and make up services as well.

We have moved! Visit us at:
#160, 5 Spruce Village Way,
Spruce Grove, AB
T7X 0B2