Madd Mike

Madd Mike

Madd Mike is a local Edmonton Grafitti and Tattoo Artist who captures not only text but funky characters in a bouncy wild style. His artwork is featured in many businesses and homes. From his indoor wall pieces to his outdoor murals, his art is widly respected and admired. Mike creates canvas pieces for private collections. Strut Hair and Art is proud to be home to multiple Madd Mike pieces and to retail LOOP paint materials to make your own spray art.

Mike is also an aspiring tattoo artist and apprentice at Juicy Quill Tattoo in Spruce Grove, AB.

Aerosol Mural Art

Mike has been painting for over 20 years. His style and originality has made him an active member in the Edmonton Graffiti arts scene. His fun and inspirational style has influenced the local art community. Madd Mike has been commissioned to paint commercial pieces at Mindable (Sherwood Park), Die Pie (Jasper Avenue), and others.

Canvas Paintings+

Mike paints murals, canvases, walls, trains, bedrooms, toys, sneakers, clothes, and more. If you can put paint on it, he probably has (and does). A unique pop art spray paint art piece for your office? The side of your fully restored van for an 80s hairband piece? Futurama with a shiny metal robot? The family cat with a sailor suit? Looking for a piece to post on reddit?

Contact Mike for your own custom artwork to hang or decorate your own space with a commissioned piece by Madd Mike.


Loop Aerosol Products

Available at Strut Hair & Art. Visit us in-store.

LOOP™ paints are formulated:

* without lead-based pigments, hexavalent chromium or other heavy metals which are considered harmful for health.

* The solvents contained are free of aromatic compounds (xylol and toluene), the latter prohibited by law.

* The propellant used is not harmful to the ozone layer.

* The materials used are recyclable (cardboard box, valve cover in plastic, bottle in tinplate)

* The particular paint formula, featuring a high content of solids, contains volatile compounds (VOC) dispersed in the environment at levels much lower than the limits set forth by European Directives.

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Custom Art For Your Space?

Contact Madd Mike for a quote. Remember, if you can put paint on it, he probably will!

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